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I would say that it’s been a while since my last update but that would a) be the biggest understatement and b) an insult to you, the reader. I would say that it was out of pure laziness that I haven’t been active on here, nor MSN then I would be lying. Coursework, exams and family matters have taken up the last month leaving me with little time for watching, playing anything let alone writing. However, that is about to change, most of the stuff vital to the success of my MSc is done… aside from my dissertation.

 So, here come the updates:


Dave and I are beginning to find our feet with the show and it’s beginning to take shape as to what part we’ll actually play in the weekly scope of things. We’re hoping that, as a show, we interact with the community as well as doing more of the ‘Eurovision Commentary’ style things that we had last week.

Unfortunately, that’s going to require a whole lot of investment – not only in time but also financially. We recently came to the realisation that the current setup we have is inadequate for the type of show that we want to do so we’re going to invest in a mixing desk and several microphones, cables etc. So stay tuned as we’ll be making several improvements over the coming weeks.

Cali-Otaku: SS:

Regular readers, listeners will know that the podcast is kind of in limbo at the moment, but with future plans about to be embarked upon there needs to be a shake up of the “podcast”. As a result the last ever SS will be coming to you shortly. Seeing as it’s the last one we’d love for listeners to contact us with questions and comments (, as we will answer them on air.

While this is the last ever SS podcast, there are plans in place for a podcast for our future project with a new cast and maybe a new format, we’re still sketching out the details. But I personally want to thank everyone who’s helped out as a guest as well as everyone who has taken the time to listen to the show. We’ve loved doing it so there’s no doubt that there will be something appearing to take its place very, very soon.

The Project:

From the planning meetings and discussions, this could potentially the biggest thing that Dave and I have ever embarked upon, funding and the sheer amount of work required to garner interest from those in and outwith the community is going to be pretty high. This is why we’re reluctant to make an official announcements until we have more of the pieces of the puzzle in place before we give anything away. We’re working away behind the scenes to have more teasers appearing across the Internet soon.



Cali-Otaku: SS 17/03/09

It’s St. Patricks day here at SS headquarters! Join the gang as they finally discuss the new Naruto chapter, the upcoming Spring anime season and talk more Bioshock 2. We also find out that Mark reads girls manga and disgust ourselves with a “horrible word of the day”. Prepare to get pinched!

Length: 1:17:45 (35.5 MB)

Direct Download
i-Tunes (should be up soon)


A Call to Arms

As of 12:30 this afternoon my exams are over.  Thank God!  No matter how much experience I’ve had with exams I’m always incredibly nervous walking into them, today’s was no exception.  Infact, today was probably most apprehensive I’ve ever been before an exam, if I had bothered eating beforehand chances are I would have likely seen it again.  Ugh!  But never-the-less through lack of sleep for fear of having not studied enough, it’s over now.

With exams out of the way, the real fun can begin.  The first podcasting recording of the year went by without, at least to my knowledge, a hitch.  I’m currently in the process of editing and sorting out where it’s going to be hosted, so if it’s not up tonight, it will definitely be up after I get back from working in Silverburn tomorrow.

I should have my Xbox back on Monday, at least that’s what the “failed delivery” UPS slip is telling me, so I should be able to start working through the vast pile of shame I have sitting next to me including the likes of; Call of Duty 4, Condemned 2, Burnout Paradise, Rock Band 2, Dead Space, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, Mirrors Edge, Fable 2, Eternal Sonata and *whew* Soul Calibur IV.  Man, that’s quite the list!

I’ve also got a bunch of books that I need to work through and I’m currently trying to get hold of a specific book that I was given a recommendation of “Zoe’s Tale” by John Scalzi.


So yeah, if you happen to be in the Glasgow area and see this book, please hit me up.  I’ve been searching for this for a little while now and it seems to be out of print. The next batch due in the UK is expected to arrive in June and I really don’t want to have to wait another 5 months just to read it.




Seeing as I’m in a pensive mood, I may as well do some updating.

Personal updates have been fairly few and far between recently mainly due to the fact that I’m still in the same confused position I was before. Yet, there’s an odd determination in me to try and sort things out, although that can only really be done face to face. I’m not giving up though, never. In the meantime I’ve been trying to take my mind off things, which is easy enough (figuratively speaking) as I’ve been busy as hell.

My web design coursework hell has now been submitted (here’s the link incase you wanna have a look: Clicky), so now I just need to sit back and wait on the marks to come back. Well, I say “sit back”, study like a madman might be more accurate seeing as I’ve got 2 exams coming up soon. ARGH!

Other than that I’ve got a bunch of stuff to update on too.

On the tv/anime/random stuff front; I’ve finished watching Avatar (I should have a review of the last 2 books written up after the 23rd, probably along with some discussion on the podcast). I’ve re-watched the entirety of season 4 of Lost on Blu-ray just in time for the new season kicking off in a couple of weeks.

The new season of Cali-Otaku: SS will kick off on the 23rd, I’m currently hammering out the podcast shedule as we speak, expect the first one to be as random as ever seeing as my brain will be shot to hell. We’re doing it straight after an exam.

My 360 is dead, so I’ll be out of the gaming scene for the next couple of weeks.  Convenient

Other than that, my 2009 resolution is to get fit, so (crazily) I’ve decided to start Tai Kwon Do.  So, the first few months of the year look like they’re gonna be the most painful.  hey, I’m sure they’ll allow podcast recording from the (*shudder*) hospital.



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