RIP 1up and EGM

I’m a little late with this one due to deadlines and whatnot but tardiness should not be percieved as not caring.

Earlier this week prominant game site 1up.com (formally owned by Ziff Davis) announced that they were to be taken over by UGO.  While I have never heard of them, think it’s an american thing, they seem to be pretty big.  This was to be great news, especially seeing that Ziff Davis had filed for a chapter 11 last year (the equivalent to administration in the UK), and would hopefully “save” 1up.com.  This was not to be.

While the official press statements have said that UGO wanted to salvage as much of the site/podcasts and EGM Magazine (1ups only print publication after the closing of GFW Magazine) as they could, most of it had to go due to “what was profitable”.

As a result over 30 seriously talented people have lost their jobs over at 1up.  And while this may not concern many of you, this kinda hits home alot for me personally.  Without 1up I doubt I would ever have gotten the motivation to do a podcast, ever.  These guys had the talent and personalities not just for me to listen to one but hundreds over the years that I visited the site. 1upyours, The 1upshow, GFW Radio, Retronauts, Legendary Thread, EGM Live, 1upFM, LAN Party. These were all awesome!

Long live GFW

Long live GFW!


I was genuinely upset at the news and was following the updates on twitter and GAF until 3am the day it broke; the fact that so many people were given one days warning that they had no job to go back to this early into the new year is heartbreaking especially as these people were willing to open up their lives for us on the Internet.  Something that takes some serious balls to do.

So what can I say other than I hope everyone who worked at Ziff Davis speedily finds a new job, god knows they have enough creative abilty to make even me want to hire them!

But also I hope those that are left assert themselves and try to get 1up back to where it was.   While the site and content will never be the same again, with the backing of UGO it now has the power to become something different and hopefully they will keep the integrity that 1up and EGM were infamous for.

No doubt I’ll be bringing this up on the podcast soon but I wanted to write something down.  Keep on trucking guys, I’ll be following you on twitter!



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