Still Standing

Previous readers to my blog will have noticed that I made the ingenious decision to turn up late to a mock exam.  Real smart mark, reeaaal smart.  Luckily enough various meetings with the module leader have resulted in little more than a rap on the knuckles, bar the obvious looks of disappointment, so I’m still going to have to do my damn website design coursework. Argh!

It’s not that I dont like doing it, hell this is like bungee jumping compared to the 4 years of accounting that I’ve done previously, it’s just that I take my creative work (well it is, kinda) pretty damn seriously.  And pretty damn seriously means some pretty damn serious time being spent on it.

serious business

Bearing in mind I have little enough time as it is, that’s a tall order.  I’ve only recently just fixed my time machine so I can eat and sleep again, I dont wanna end up creating some paradoxes causing the very fabric of reality to be destroyed… or maybe I do want that… it’s been a hard week.

More opinionative stuff has been happening though.  In the spare time of waiting for my Delorian to heat up, you can only use a flux-capacitor so many times before it starts to be unreliable, I’ve been watching the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender.  While it does have a rediculous name, it is rather good.  Although I’ve been avoiding it for a while, my fellow peddler of smut recommended I take some time out to watch it… and I did.

Avatar, no matter how you look at it, is aimed at a younger audience.  This means that themes such as; genocide; war; death and fear, while all mentioned, are quickly glossed over to reveal the moral heavy overtones in most episodes.  Subtlety is also another element that is quickly disposed of throughout the first half of the ‘Book of Water’ (season 1 to you and me) and if you’ve had a hearty diet of science fiction/anime/anything you can predict backgrounds to characters, future events and probable twists that will probably occur during the next 2 books.  Although I’ll have to get back you on that.

Yet, even the premise of the show seems to lack any solid impact.  The elemental use, or ‘bending’ as its referred to throughout seems horribly basic.  When introduced to ‘so called’ masters most (apart from the last 5 episodes) will consist of lifting something into the air and throwing it.  Call me crazy but thats kind of a sham.  It’s like when you go and see a magician only to have the rabbits eat through his coat pockets before he can get them in the hats!  At least in shows like Naruto masters means summoning dead bodies, monsters destroying souls etc.

I know I seem relatively harsh on this but the season does redeem itself in the last quarter.  Abilities become more interesting, characters (Especially Zuko the banished prince from the fire country) become more developed and less of a dull 2d walking cliché and all the elements of the previous 15 episodes are slowly wound up  into something alot more gratifying.

If the show were limited to these 20 episodes then I doubt it would be worth the hype that it’s garnered throughout the animation community.  However, considering there is another 40 episodes to come and that things are seriously beginning to pick up pace, the prospect of watching a second season becomes that little bit more exciting.



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