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Cali-Otaku:SS Podcast

Cali-Otaku:SS 24th Oct 2008

Better late that never, we are back. This week we talk Auchinawa and start ‘right-clicking our way through MMOs. Other than that we’ve got top ten lists of the greatest video games characters and the worst video game movies of all time. Also, hear why Mark hates Ryan Renalds in the longest edition of SS yet.


Offline = Busy Time

Apologies to everyone for the lack of updates and presence in the online world but coursework season has hit me like a brick to the face.  So chances are I’ll be a little quiet for the next couple of weeks.  Dont get me wrong, I’ll still be doing the podcast every friday (with the possible exception of one on Halloween, but I’ll address that at a later date) but I wont be on Live or WoW for that matter in the meantime.

So I’ll give you some news to tie you over until then.  Yesterday I got to play a near final build of Little Big Planet and I have to say I really enjoyed it, the game is very simple with a lot of depth lying underneath the surface.  While the Sony PR rep wasn’t familiar with the level we were playing co-operatively, so it actually made it more interesting to actually work out the puzzles that had been created in the level, especially so for the sony rep who ended up taking a picture of me playing… why, I’m not sure but as long as I dont appear on any marketing panflets with a photohopped grin on my face I’ll be fine.

Seeing as my flatmate will be picking this up on release it’s going to be interesting to see how exactly the editor handles and whether it, while seeming as though it should be a mod tool on PC, handles well on the PS3.

Well, that’s your lot for a while.  Have this to keep you occupied:



Cali-otaku:SS: Podcast 2

Cali-Otaku:SS 17th Oct 2008

After a month in the asylum the cast of SS are back! This week we talk Bleach, Ken Akamatsu, the new season of Heroes and David, Ally and Mark talk about Gears of war… er…The mutant Chronicles. It’s an all topic stew of epic proportions. F-yeah!


Calm Before the Storm

In a tribute to GFW Radio: “Aaaand we’re back!”

With Novatech doing an unbelievably fast turn-around on laptop repair, things are back to normal.  That horrible feeling of having a missing limb by not being able to connect to the net is gone.  Plans are also in place to get a new podcast sorted ASAP, I’m just about to place an order on some mics, so there should be something to show very soon.

My pile of shame* (*may not be actual size)

Games updates have been, admittedly, slow.  I’ve spent the best part of the last month re-reading the Belgariad by David Eddings and savouring each morsel as if it were cake.  Damn fine cake. 

Yet, while there has been a drout of games being released, I’ve went back to my rather large pile of shame (i.e games I’ve bought but haven’t finished yet) to play when I’m not head down in a book.

First on the list is Orange Box.  I haven’t a clue why but I put off playing Half-life 2 and it’s episodes for an incredibly long time, which seems foolish now as these are some of the finest games I’ve ever played in my 18+ years of gaming.  Valve have every right to be proud of the amount of awards that the series has earned.  Taking them as a whole the entire thing feels varied and while there could be a risk of having the ‘jack of all trades master of none’ everything seems to be completely honed and polished meaning that nothing hinders the experience.  Puzzles and set pieces throughout are never overly complex or difficult but still seem challenging and incredibly satisfying when accomplished.  Especially at the ball bustingly awesome ending of Episode 2.

The only problem I can find with the it is once you’ve finished episode 2, marvelled at it’s ending and look back over the entire experience it dawns on you that you’ve got one hell of a wait ahead of you for the next one.

Seeing as there’s still some time before I become buried alive by new releases next up will be Call of Duty 4 and Burnout: Paradise (especially seeing as there’s the new bike updates) while playing some spore in between.  There’s probably some uni stuff I should be doing too but… yeah!



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