“…all you need is a little push”

I actually just started writing this thinking that I actually wouldn’t have much to talk about but there’s a flood of things bubbling to the top of my mind pool.

first up, I guess a general update is in order.  Since E3 there’s not been much to talk of, when I’ve been in the mood to play some games, which is a rare occurrence these days,  W.o.W has been the flavour of the month and I’m nearly up to level 28 – again shows how much I’ve spent playing.  “Why?” you ask, full-time employment over summer coupled with the complete lack of competent management has left me extremely frustrated and (due to recent elevator problems) completely exhausted.  I’ve also noticed that full-time employment is turning me into a complete dick and it’s something that’s alarming me, I’ve never wanted to be in that catagory.  So if things continue to get worse I may actually leave.

Artists impression of a very angry Mark

The only repsite from ‘Mad Mark’ (as I’m now known in various circles or after today ‘gimpy penguin’) seems to be during the many trips to the cinema over the last few weeks.  Cinema Sunday has been a regular thing and I’ve seen ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and more recently the excellent ‘Wall.E’ and ‘The Dark Knight’.

I cant recommend Wall.E enough, it has taken my top spot on my list of favourite Pixar movies.  Considering the amount of dialogue in the movie and the fact that the main protagonists are robots the emotional connection that’s made with characters is delightfully suprising, so much so that I felt myself almost welling up at the end of the movie.  Almost.

I'm not crying! There's... something in my eye! *sob*

The Dark Knight on the other hand is the years opportunity to do some major geeking out.  It is awesome!  I’ve seen it twice so far and I’m also seeing it in Imax tomorrow night.  Hells yeah!!  Heath Ledger plays a fantastically chilling portail of the joker that could have been literally taken from the pages of ‘The Killing Joke’, there also seems to be a bunch of easter eggs thrown in there – not quite as many as the hulk (Captain America talk anyone?) but there’s a few in there.

Should probably mention that I’m actually listening to something outside the genres of metal or rock music at the moment too.  Right now I’m listening to band called ‘Flowbots’ which could really be described as a more varied version of Rage Against the machine and listening to the album a few times now, there are striking similarities to them.  I’d urge you check it out.

No word yet on my postgraduate course, but I’ll update as appropriate.  however, that could be a while seeing as I’ve now just realised that I’ve got a 3 day weekend with Soul Calibur 4 being released on Friday.

Oh shit!  And before I forget, a massive that you to my neighbour (and awesome cinema buddy) Rhona who showed up at my door at 6:30am on my birthday with a homemade brownie.  That was the sweetest thing ever… no pun intended.





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  1. August 17, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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