Sony E3 2008 Press Conference

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– Feeds are up and running, we’ll be ready to kick things off in a few minutes.

– Here we go!

– Press conference kicks off with a montage of old and new games, MGS, Killzone, Madden, Guitar Hero, Star Wars, PSP stuff.

– Jack Tretton takes the stage.  E3 takes 2 years off his life aparantly.  He hopes to get ‘our blood pumping’, mentions Solid snake, Kratos and Sackboy.  “This year will be the year of the PS3”, talks about previous iterations of the platform and product lifecycles.  Claims that all platforms have a “ten year vision”, obviously he’s never dealt with the PC market.  Folding at home talk now, its broken a Guiness World Record.  Blu-ray talk, PS3 is a future proof.  MGS4 isn’t possible on any other platform.

– Games talk now,  recap of this years releases.  75 exclusive titles coming.

– PS3 focus.  Resistance 2 in game walkthrough appears on screen.  A giant skyscraper size monster tears through the streets and pics up the player, throwing him to a nearby building.  fight leads through and over buildings, the monster tearing up everything in sight.  demo ends.

– The games director is now on the stage talking plot and scope of the game.  “its all about Scale”, we’re about to see a new trailer (all in game).  A destroyed city shows and a giant robotic spider and giant airships in the sky.  Impressive looking.

– Little Big planet now.  “not just a new game, its a new experience”.  On stage demo starts, sackboy appears on screen and is customised with a boston top.  The level is designed to be a powerpoint presentation – Sony is leading industry expansion.  Starting in 2008 there will be distribution in latin America.  “Greatest Hits” selection: Motorstorm, fight night, Resistance, Assasins Creed, Oblivion and Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

– Focus switches to PS2.  Titles are still coming to the platform, montage coming of games.  Tiger woods, star wars, Singstar, Yakuza 2, Madden.  More games than the entire Nintendo conference, on the PS2!!

– Buzz coming to PSP and PS3 (along with DLC on PSN).  Singstar and Singstore talk.  PS2 bundle with lego Batman as it is the “ideal entry point system”.

– Playstation Network talk now, this should be interesting.  Single User ID coming (ala a Gamertag), the same whichever console you log into.  Playstation Store stats, 20M pieces of content downloaded.  Ratchet and Clank Downloadable game coming to the PSN, more episodic content style ~ shorter game and cheaper price ($15).  Trailer definately has a Pirate theme to it.

– montage of new PSN games: Ratchet and clank,  Crash Commando, Fat Princess (lol, wut!?), Pixel Junk Eden, Pain Amusement Park, Flower, some zombie game & Ragdoll Kung Fu

– GT5 talk and GT-TV, trailer shown ~ shows all programs such as Top Gear and racing footage avaiable for download.  Behind the scenes footage of car manufacturing and supercar reviews, seems pretty neat if you were a car nut.

– Community focus now, trophies and expansion are coming… no Home? ah wait, here it is – the Beta will be “coming eventually”.  You’d think 2 years would be enough developing for a lobby system.  Talk of product sponsors in Home.  Trailer shows off some of the aspects, looks like second life.

– VOD talk, list of networks and studios that have signed up.  Once content has been purchase it can be put on ‘multiple deviices’ such as PSP.  Cue on stage demonstration of how the system works.  Alot of ‘Corporate Partner talk’ lots of on screen advertising for movies, sections for trailer (with the ability to full screen).  Talk of “how long it takes to download”  Bad area Jack, move away!  VOD will launch tonight, that’s a pretty big announcement.

– PSP now.  Entertainment packs coming aimed at the younger audience with Jack and Daxter, will they stop playing their DS’s long enough to care.  New resistance coming to PSP, thats pretty unexpected! Trailer hits, the game will arrive next year.  PSP games montage now: Star Wars, Madden, Loco Roco 2, NBA, Super Stardust Portable, Lego Batman, Patapon 2, Buzz & Valkyria Chronicles

– Back to PS3, they love google for some reason.  Sony online game DC Universe online talk and the agency do we get a trailer?  Jim Lee!! Jim Lee takes to the stage, does some one armed push-ups (not joking).  Jim Lee loves the MMO and 20 hour camps as a Paladin, the Legendary Thread guys were probably the ones applauding there.  Trailer hits for DC online, looks awesome.

– 80GB PS3 will be the primary focus of the companys product line, no mention of BC though.  Video Praise from developers, Treyarch, EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda.  No mention of how difficult the archetecture is to develop for.

– montage time again: LBP, Motorstorm, MGS4, Qunatum of Solice, Socom, Ghostbusters, Soul Calibur, Resistance 2, The Agency, Naruto, Mirrors Edge, RE5, Singstar, Guitar Hero, NBA, Buzz, Killzone 2 & Fallout 3.

– Next year talk, God of War 3 trailer incoming.  Very Short CG trailer doesn’t really give much away.  Infamous trailer now, a comic book style opening followed by in game footage showing an expansive cityscape looking about on par with GTA4.

– New title incoming, “not possible anywhere else”, seriously, does this guy know about PC!?  A game called MAG is announced.  256 player battle… is that a good thing or a bad thing, anyone who’s played a quake 40 player match will tell you that more players is not necessarily a good thing.  The game has long term and short term goals with an ongoing campaign.  CG trailer is shown.

– And thats it folks conference is over.

Back tomorrow for some more write ups.



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