Nintendo E3 2008 Press Conference

Live Blog (Keep Refreshing for updates)

– feeds are up, things seem to be going smoothly, so here’s hoping for a good conference.

– and its 5pm, we should be starting… but that wouldn’t be the nintendo way would it.  Saying that, people are actually in the building, it took sony an hour to get their show to start last year.  The Wii remote actions are more acurate and has a greater identification of distance.

– Picture montage, here we go people!  Cammie Dunoway takes the stage, no Reggie!?  She’s talking about parenthood, holdiay snaps… yay.  She keeps smiling… it’s creepy.

– First game is demo’d “Shawn White Snowboarding”, Shawn White is on the balance board.  He’s a snowboarder.  Cammie takes to the balance board, she’s actually not too bad at the game.

– Iwata is back.  He’s talking about his prevous E3s and the people who thought nintendo were on their way out of the industry.  Never realised they would be selling “bathroom Scales” around the world (shows a balance board).  Powerpoint ensues.  Iwata talks about graphics, the mario and Zelda teams are “hard at work on new titles”.  Talk of the expanding userbase, pictures on grannys and mums playing games appear on the screen.  “games are no longer just bought for holday Gifts”, DS is selling at rate of 200K a week in Europe.

– Guitar Hero III on Wii is selling better than on any other platform.

– Nintendo are always trying to create new paradigms, he leaves the stage.

– video roles, Animal Crossing creator talks about the first game.  Animal Crossing: City folk is announced.  As well as the town area there is also a city, MMO?  Miis can be used, mail other people with pictures.  Wii Speak announced, sits on the TV and acts as a Mic.

– Reggie hits the stage. “Animal Crossing hits this year”.  NPD discussion ensues.  Lifetime global sales.  Reggie sure loves his powerpoint.  Hardware sales of Wii (No gamecube on that slide I notice).  Software sales now, Wii has a ‘sales advantage’, wonder if Wii Sports is included in that.

– Reggie is now talking about 3rd parties.  ‘More developers, more options’.  They are only going to show 3 new games:

– Star Wars clone Wars is shown, cue people playing with Wii remotes with fake excitement.

– Rayman Raving Rabbids, more mini-games, exactly what Wii needs.

– Call of Duty: World at War, shown being played with the wii zapper.  Co-op mode on a single screen.

– Cammie is back, handheld discussion now.  DS is the home of girl gamers.  Talks about a new Guitar Hero on Tour: Decades and Spore.  The feed freezes… grand.  New GTA heading to DS this winter.  GTA: Chinatown Wars.

– DS is being tested to use GPS services, people are using it for other things including as a cooking book.

– Reggie is back, talking about Wiimotion+.  Wii Sports: Resort is shown with the new controller.  Cammie comes back to play a mini-game called “Disk-dog”.  Reggie doesn’t like cute.  A new Waverace style minigame is shown.  Sword dueling mini game shown, registers ‘any angle’.  This looks like it’s the next Wii boxing, Reggie destroys Cammie.  Cammie wins round 2.  Wii Sport coming next spring.

– New game incoming by the ‘holiday season’.  Wii music I guess, guy on stage playing the drums using the balance board and the controller.  Shiguru Miyamoto appears with a Wiimote, on screen he’s playing the Sax.  Shigsy talks about development, should point out that this is not a new game – remember this was announced along with the Wii.  No symbals or notes, just requires miming for the Sax.  He’s now miming a guitar and now a large drum.  The Drums, includes lessons, wonder what Harmonix are thinking.  You can create a music video and can have 4 player simulanous play.  Although the demo now has 6 people.  Mario theme is played… badly.  The group takes a bow and leaves the stage.

– Reggie is back, sounds like he’s wrapping things up.  Cammie is back too, there’s only one place where 3rd party games can be found alongside Nintendo stuff… really!?  I thought that was kinda obvious.  Reggie: “Fad is not applicable”.

– conference is over, thankfully.  That wasn’t the best I’ve seen.

– Roll on Sony, See you at 7:30



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