Microsoft E3 2008 Press conference

Live Blog  (Keep refreshing this page for updates)

– All feeds are dead… this could be interesting

– IGN seems to work, we are GO people!!

– comtinous inovation with xbox 360 and new social experiences… where’s this going?  New dashboard, 3D magic software and guess what!? Mii’s!

– Here we go!

– Talk of “Big franchises”, powerpoint ensues.  “XBox can deliver to everyone”… talk of casual?  The new Wiimote perhaps!

– Trailer hits, Fallout 3 is shown “where will you be when the atomic bomb hits” This trailer is crazy! Patriotic american high school film style.  Live demo with Todd Howard (trailer will be online and on Live shortly).  Shows the game after leaving the vault, we are shown a destroyed Washington DC, a hovering robot and now the pittboy (the games inventory).  Demonstration of the real time and turn based combat with a headshot and a grenade… todd just ripped a guys leg off with a shotgun.   We are shown different enemys and new weapons, “the game will differ depending on how you play” choice seems to be an integral part of the game.  Todd Blows up a helicopter and ends the demo.

– Exclusive DLC for Fallout 3 on XBL

– Resident Evil playable demo!!  Demo starts Chris Redfield in a house in africa… killing black people.  Call out the racsim police!  ONLINE CO-OP multiplayer!  Shows a new female character.  Chris now helps the new character by sniping from a distance while the other is in the fray.  New variation on the chainsaw weilding enemy… demo ends

– Just one more thing… columbo style.  Its a release date.  A world wide release of Friday the 13th March 2008!

– Here comes crazy pete behind fable 2.  Opening movie is shown.  A sparrow flies over an expansive snowey environment… if this is real time then its looks awesome!  Now we’re talking, a real time demo, oh and Peter says “Fable 2 is finished”.  Co-op system works without any lobbys, worlds and characters are dynamic and unique to each player depending on the path you take.

– October 2008 release!

– Gears 2 trailer!! Sweet jesus!  Here comes Cliffy B, live demo incoming.  2 player co-op about to be shown.  A flaming human city is shown,  reapers and the hammer of dawn shown too.  New enemies, this looks incredible btw, not a frame hitch in sight and the draw distance is infinately more improved than Gears 1.  Brumack appears, looks like we get to fight one finally 😀  Marcus and Dom attempt escape through a flaming mansion.

– November 7th relase.

– VOD talk… meh.

– Innovation talk and talk of “new social experiences”, new update info!  3D dashboard and a new 3D avatar system developed by Rare!  For use in games, unlock stuff through achievements, this could be good.  New Uno!!

– XBLA talk.  Geometry Wars 2, hits next month!  New Galaga.  Portal: Still Alive, oh yes!! and… some South Park incarnation.

– XNA coming in the fall along with the dashboard update.  Along with Netflix, Exclusive deal too.  Good call MS!  Movie sharing… gonna need some big bandwidth for that!

– Shane Kim and his big ol’ list of games.  Banjo Trailer shown, new footage… I want!  Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise trailer now, new Pinata shown and new gardens.  Pinata Vision, better get your cameras folks.  WOAH WOAH WOAH!! Shane!! Orignal Banjo-Kazooie on XBLA!

– trailer for ‘Scene it 2’ shown along with fake excitment.  WOO!! *high fives*

– Vision games… a movie game, “You’re in the Movies”, that requires actions. “act like a clown” …oh dear, these guys are going to get slaughtered on GAF.  Yeah!! Swat those bugs!  Dance fool, DANCE!!  OH wait, the game edits it all together.  Thats actually pretty cool, in a horribly embarasing kind of way.

– Guitar Hero World Tour coming up.  “Guitar Hero” *waits for woop… doesn’t come* ouch.  Feed dies.  Bollocks!  Exclusive music talk, it begins.  Van Halen, Metalica… REM(!?)

– Music game from Microsoft, this must be Lips.  It is!  Woah! it takes music from music devices!?  There’s gotta be a catch, buy a Zune maybe!?  Duffy takes the stage to sing, feeds die, the internet rejoices.

– Rock Band 2!  The set list… cant see on the feed it’s too small.  No doubt it’s awesome though.  GnR, Bob Dylan, AC-DC!!  20 bonus tracks too, 100+ songs and a platform strategy, DLC from Rock Band 1 will work with 2.  All your RB1 tracks can be exported on the RB2, awesome!!

– President of Square enix takes the stage.  He likes Microsoft apparantly.  Last remnant on PC!  Jeff Green must be happy! 😀

– wait… Square enix guy is back.  FFXIII is coming to 360!! The internet just exploded!  I dont think anyone saw this coming!!

conference is over.  I’m off to see whats left of the internet and then get heavily drunk.  Back tomorrow.



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