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Back With a Bang

Time flies when you’re having fun… or when you have zero access to the internet, end up relying on your Wii and then throw it in the closet out of frustration.  But as you can see I’m back, faster and more powerfull than ever before.  The failure of my last laptop and the £700 that Toshiba wanted to fix it has spurred me to upgrade my equipment; I’m now sporting a shiny new £2,000 laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo Exreame E900 + nVidea GTX 8800 M) so things are now increadibly faster and now in delicious 1080p.

Laptops aside there’s a slew of news on the Mark front with the fact that I am now the proud owner of a 2:1 hounours degree in accounting.  Well… I say proud… I’m doing a post grad in something completely different and then start going up the rungs in the gaming industry.  Speaking of gaming, this week I attended the Video Games Live concert at the Royal Concert Hall and was not dissapointed.  It was absolutely epic!  Anyone who missed it can find most of the concert on Youtube.

Gaming wise I’ve been back on the World of Warcraft and now have a Level 18 Paladin! Yay!  Other than gaming crack I’ve been playing Rock band and watched most of Metal Gear Solid 4 being played.  Things will probably be pretty quiet until E3 half way through July.

But yeah, its late hense this is a short blog.  More to come in the near future



Ninjas, Guns and Drums

Without a laptop and internet access that doesn’t take ten minutes to type a damn a web address, damn you Wii, I’ve actually been playing some games.  F-yeah!

I’m slowly working my way through Half-life 2 at the moment and I’m getting the feeling that I’m close to the end.  Everything is leading up to the citadel and it’s really starting to ramp up.  This is my first play through of any game in the Half life series and I’m really enjoying it, there’s a level of polish on the game that cant be understated, it’s just great and I’ve got a feeling that once I’m through with HL2 I’ll be breezing straight through Episode 1 & 2.


I’m still playing Rock Band and with a newly unlocked Live account I can finally download some tracks.  It’s still as good as I stated in my last post but with the added bonus of now having Bostons ‘more than a feeling’.  The downloadable content also seems to have addressed the difficulty level of the guitar, one of the niggles that was mentioned by Stephen during the 4 player play last week, the guitar isn’t as hard as guitar hero.  The downloadable content has added a few songs, that even on hard, are pretty damn tricky ‘shockwave’ being one of them.  I’m also getting to grips more with the drums and can now hold my own pretty confidently on medium, so it’s only a matter of time before I’m ramping up to hard.

Finally, as of yesterday, I’ve been playing abit of Ninja Gaiden 2.  Anyone wondering how it fares can check out the demo up on Live now.  Initial impressions are kinda mixed, the combat is fast, furious and about 10 times more visceral than DMC.  However there are serious problems, bearing in mind I’m only an hour or so in, you constantly fight the camera and are always in situations where you are barraged by objects off screen, it gets stuck on walls and sometimes just spazzes out for no reason. 

I’ve also managed to break the game too on the first level; hammering the ‘x’ button in a certain area causes you to rebound off an enemy and fly into the air and subsiquently cause the game to lock up.  With the news that the games director has left Team Ninja and Tecmo on the eve of the games launch, you cant help but get the feeling that the game was rushed and these glitches could have been fixed.  However, I’ll give it a play through and hopefully its just for the start of the game.

I wish I’d been playing some World of Warcraft… maybe I’ll find a gaming cafe somewhere.  Thats not going to happen down in Dumfries.




Technology is Serious Business

No sooner had I rekindled my love for World of Warcraft than once again laptop difficulties begin to set in.  It’s becomming absurd that I’ve had so many problems with Laptops, consoles, MP3 Players and various other electrical appliances that I can simply shrug this off.

I have no idea why, probably a spat of jealousy towards Rock Band causing it to self harm, but after returning from paying an excrutiatingly large amount of late library fees my laptop had ‘recovered from a fatal error’.  Only, it hadn’t recovered.  Within the next hour the system would begin to take fits of blue screening and now wont even log on to windows.  awesome.

So now, out of warranty, I’ve arranged to have the thing repaired… again.  However, it’s not all bad news, this gives me the perfect opportunity to get myself a new laptop or desktop.  I’m thinking towards the latter myself.

Infact, I’ve got one picked out:

Unfortunately, I have expensive tastes, so I’ve had to arrange for funds to be transfered into various accounts.  There’s also the issue that, even if I do order that, it doesn’t come with a monitor or speakers.  So that’ll have to be something that gets arranged afterwards.

Couple this with the fact that my XBox Live account is still ‘locked’ and the fact that one of my rock band guitars may be needing replaced, it’s been a great couple days.

and thats before I even start ranting about Indiana Jones 4!!

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