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The Fork in the Road

Once again I’m in a situation where I should apologise for not posting in a while, but you know what… I’m not gonna!  …because I’m crazy that way.

Uni is officially over, so I need to decide whithin the next few weeks what I’m actually going to do with the rest of my days.  I’m heading to a graduate fair tomorrow to see if there’s anything there that will take my fancy.  Other than that; there’s the post grad option or there’s the super secret option that might get me somewhere if I harrass Ryan long enough.  But, we’ll need to see.

Seeing as its been a while since my last post you’d expect that I’d have been up to alot… and you’d be wrong.  All I’ve done since the end of the last exam is work and play Rock Band.

Thats right!

Despite all my bitching about price, I went and bought the damn thing.  Why?  Because its bloody awesome that’s why!  Instead of the regular £180 price tag that’s been plastered on it in places, I only actually paid £135, which is far more reasonable.  It harkens back to the awesomeness of Guitar Hero II (before 3 wrecked it), it just  feels better.  Note placement is more thought out and the presentation and variation hammers guitar hero into the ground.  The only bad thing I have to say about it is that I cant download songs for some reason and thats due to my account rather than the game (which I’m currently in negotiations with xbox customer support to fix ASAP).

So whats next, well there’s the massive pile of books, movies, manga and cinema releases to get through…as well of this.  So I should be pretty busy over the summer.



Saturday Musings (and why I’m not an editor)

Ok, so what turned into a regular posting habit kinda went out the window.  Coursework and various other things just happened to get in the way, hense the reason why I’ve only racked up around 2 hours worth of GTA and not actually written anything about it.  And so exams are fast approaching which probably means that there wont be much going on here, however I do have plans to get at least one last piece up here before they kick off.  I daren’t call this an editorial as editors actually stick to deadlines… and I suppose that editors dont actually have to take exams in International Accounting and Corporate Governance.

I’ve also got a couple of ideas swirling around my cranium for regular editorials pieces and maybe a podcast if I can convince Dave and the equipment isn’t too expensive.  There might also be a few upgrades depending on where the postgrad, thats right I’m actually doing one, takes me.

In terms of whats being going on I attended a book reading, I’m so cultured, of Dave Gormans new book ‘America Unchained’.  I started reading last night and it seems to have the Dave Gorman wit that he’s known for, so I’m eager to read more.


And now I’m currently down in Dumfries again at the parents, without the 360 – doy!, where I can actually get some work done.  Whether or not this actually happens we’ll have to wait and see but I guess free meals might have something to do with it too.

I’ll get cracking on that editorial piece.




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