Fear of the Dark (Sector)

So I’ve been playing alot of Dark Sector (360) and I guess I’m at the stage where I can begin to form some sort of opinion on it, especially seeing as I’m coming up to the end of the game.

Initial impressions are that the game looks and feels exactly like Gears Of War, while the character models are different (No Space Marines here) some the environments could have been taken directly out of Gears.  Heck, there’s even a cathederal type level in which you have to fight a creature not unlike the beserker.  Gameplay wise, again it screams Gears of War, taking cover is done by tapping ‘A’ and in order to pop-out you hold down the left trigger.  Infact the only thing missing is the ‘blind fire’ mechanic, which would have been pretty useful in some stages.

But those are the similarities and Dark Sector does have enough to set it apart from Gears.  First off there’s the Glaive, this is what you bought the game for, it is an amazing weapon.  At the beginning of the game is it pretty weak but you steadily gain upgrades like the power throw, shield and the awesome aftertouch.   Aftertouch basically allows you to control the Glaive after you’ve thrown it by holding down ‘RB’ and then controlling with the right thumbstick.  It’s with this mechanic that you can get the one hit kills and start slicing off individual limbs, plus it can also be combined with later upgrades for devastating effect.

The Glaive isn’t the only weapon available, while you have the glaive you are also dual wealding your pistol.   There are also numerous machine guns, shotguns and RPGs available.  However in order to keep these you have to buy them from the underground Black Market as, keeping with the infection theme of the game, normal weapons collected from enemies can only be used for a short amount of time as they ‘short out’ when wealded by anyone infected with the mystery virus.  This brings a level of strategy to combat, meaning that when you are surrounded you have to think very carefully about whether to use your glaive or one of the power weapons lying around.

While the combat feels pretty solid the enemy AI is abit lacking, at least on the standard difficulty, most of the time enemies will simply stand in the one place or the ones who rush in will always have the same timing in their melee swings meaning you can simply roll out of the way and take them down with a shot to the head.

Another problem is the story.  You are an agency member sent into Russia on a recovery mission only to be infected by a mystery virus; the problem being that you aren’t really told what the virus actually is or how it came to be, or for that matter who half the characters are.

But in saying that the game is unmisstakably fun.  I’d be tempted to give it a solid 7.5 or an 8 but, as I say, I’m not quite finished the single player or played any of the multiplayer for that matter.  However, if you are looking for something to tide you over until GTA, this may do the trick.



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