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The End is in Sight

Epic day today, today is the day that I hand in my dissertation.



ps. More to come later


Rock Band – Splits

Something that I hadn’t picked upon this morning was the announcement of the date of one of the most anticipated titles to come out this year.  Thats right, rock band hits UK stores on May 23rd… but that wasn’t the major part of the news.  The major part of the announcement was the pricing.



At retail the instrument Pack will sell for £130 RRP.  And the game, thats right folks you have to buy the game seperately, will be on sale at full RRP.  Which means that you could end up paying £180 in store for the ‘full’ rock band experience.  Now, it would be easy for me to take the usual message board approach of “WTF F**k you EA!!” etc, but I wont (I’ve done it already).

This move is insane.  £180!! What were they thinking!? Didn’t EA learn anything about price when sony shipped the PS3 for $599, there was an outcry!  Plus I dont know who EA has been hiring to do their conversions but $170 (what the full pack sold for in US) does not equal £180, thats the equivalent of $360!!

So what are EA doing!?

Trying to pay for the slew of faulty instruments that they’ve had to replace in the US?  And while we’re on the subject, does that really fill anyone with confidence that a product this expensive has actually had to sell with a warning sticker on the box to say that the objects inside may be faulty.  Then again, maybe they are higher quality instruments and so more expensive, but does that really justify such a gross mark up?

So Maybe EA are still trying to pay for Bioware?  Or Peter Moores Salary?  Whatever it is, does it really justfy the Price of a new Xbox360 or a Wii?



Ikaruga Hits XBLA

TeamXbox is running a story that the infamous Dreamcast and GC top down shooter Ikaruga hits XBLA this wednesday for 800pts.


All we need now is a date for Bionic Commando: Re-armed.



Fear of the Dark (Sector)

So I’ve been playing alot of Dark Sector (360) and I guess I’m at the stage where I can begin to form some sort of opinion on it, especially seeing as I’m coming up to the end of the game.

Initial impressions are that the game looks and feels exactly like Gears Of War, while the character models are different (No Space Marines here) some the environments could have been taken directly out of Gears.  Heck, there’s even a cathederal type level in which you have to fight a creature not unlike the beserker.  Gameplay wise, again it screams Gears of War, taking cover is done by tapping ‘A’ and in order to pop-out you hold down the left trigger.  Infact the only thing missing is the ‘blind fire’ mechanic, which would have been pretty useful in some stages.

But those are the similarities and Dark Sector does have enough to set it apart from Gears.  First off there’s the Glaive, this is what you bought the game for, it is an amazing weapon.  At the beginning of the game is it pretty weak but you steadily gain upgrades like the power throw, shield and the awesome aftertouch.   Aftertouch basically allows you to control the Glaive after you’ve thrown it by holding down ‘RB’ and then controlling with the right thumbstick.  It’s with this mechanic that you can get the one hit kills and start slicing off individual limbs, plus it can also be combined with later upgrades for devastating effect.

The Glaive isn’t the only weapon available, while you have the glaive you are also dual wealding your pistol.   There are also numerous machine guns, shotguns and RPGs available.  However in order to keep these you have to buy them from the underground Black Market as, keeping with the infection theme of the game, normal weapons collected from enemies can only be used for a short amount of time as they ‘short out’ when wealded by anyone infected with the mystery virus.  This brings a level of strategy to combat, meaning that when you are surrounded you have to think very carefully about whether to use your glaive or one of the power weapons lying around.

While the combat feels pretty solid the enemy AI is abit lacking, at least on the standard difficulty, most of the time enemies will simply stand in the one place or the ones who rush in will always have the same timing in their melee swings meaning you can simply roll out of the way and take them down with a shot to the head.

Another problem is the story.  You are an agency member sent into Russia on a recovery mission only to be infected by a mystery virus; the problem being that you aren’t really told what the virus actually is or how it came to be, or for that matter who half the characters are.

But in saying that the game is unmisstakably fun.  I’d be tempted to give it a solid 7.5 or an 8 but, as I say, I’m not quite finished the single player or played any of the multiplayer for that matter.  However, if you are looking for something to tide you over until GTA, this may do the trick.



Phoning It In

Hello!  Yes, I am alive.

Its been a while so if this sounds slighly off, its because I’ve been attempting to write a dissertation… so I might use the word ‘indeed’ alot. *ahem* indeed.  At the moment it’s sitting at a steady 12,000+ words with an introduction and a conclusion on the way.  Cant wait to get this freakin’ thing done and dusted.

 Thanks to everyone who’s been asking about my dad, the surgery was a success and he is now a woman… eh, I mean he has a new hip.  The entire thing reminded me that I really don’t like hospitals. He’s gonna be off work for the next few months so I’m trying to persuade the parents to get a 360, priorities eh?

Apart from that, I’m on still my way to becoming an internet super star (check out 74:05 in), the prize was pretty rubbish to be honest.  I’ve also been doing alot of listening to podcasts when working away at essays and the like.  So my personal recommendations:


Giant Bombcast


Ken P.D Syndecast

You should really give them a listen, they are about the only things keeping me sane at the moment. 

I’ve picked up Dark Sector and Condemned 2 for the 360, so I’ll be looking forward to having a go at them later on after a dissertation push later tonight.  Impressions will appear at somepoint.



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