It’s Snow Armaggedeon

I should have probably posted before now but my internal clock is just getting back on track from last weekend.  Seeing as my old flatmate showed up on saturday there was to be much drinking done in the Cathouse and then there was the fact that on Sunday that, not only did I end up getting myself a copy of Burnout: Paradise there was also the matter of the Royal Rumble aswell.

Just as I was getting back into the whole wrestling thing again the management at the WWE decide to bring ‘him’ back.  That’s right, mr “Superman” John Cena miraculously has returned as entrant #30 and won the rumble!  Fantastic! wont be watching that for a while then.

I’m also down a HDTV for the time being, on Tuesday the fine folks at City Link came to pick up my Toshiba set to fix the left speaker which has suddenly cut out.  Normally I’d be alright with a week or two away from the gaming scene, especially with my dissertation looming over my head (212 words done by the way), but I keep getting updated on Stephens’ Guitar Hero 3 progress and while I’ve fallen out with the game I feel the urge to go in and attempt to 5 star everything in the last set just to proove a point.  There’s also the fact that at somepoint during this week a copy of Devil May Cry 4 is going to land through the letter box and I’m going to unable to play it, not to mention that I was rather getting into Burnout the night before the guy from Citylink had to pry the TV out of my hands.

 So once again I’m down in Dumfries trying to get some form of driving licience, only I’m abit early, I’ve got a lesson tomorrow and my actual test on Friday – hopefully I’ll pass this time, considering the amount of money thats been thrown at this thing.  I was expecting to arrive with about 6ft of snow, due to the weather warnings being given by my mum over the phone but its completely dry here.  Here’s hoping it stays that way for my test on Friday.

I’ve also seen the new episode of Lost & while its rather good, I wont divulge anything until its been aired on Sunday (9pm on Skyone incase you didn’t already know).  I’ve also caught up to date with Season 2 of Heroes aswell, I wont say much as its been covered alot (plus it hasn’t been aired in the UK yet) but it’s probably better than the first season.

right, back to the dissertation…




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