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Something For The Weekend…

The 2008 gaming calendar begins this weekend with the release of Burnout: Paradise tomorrow.  The demo induced some mixed opinion throughout the various communities & the jounalists made it clear that the demo was not a representation of the final game, so it should be interesting to see what the reactions are tomorrow.

 If you can’t wait until tomorrow the Devil May Cry 4 demo hit the marketplace today (I’m currently downloading it) before it goes on general release next month.

In terms of gaming I haven’t actually done that much since my last post.  I’ve made a start on Mario Galaxy; 37 stars through.  Call of Duty 4 is also on the playlist and I now understand the talk that surrounds this game – it’s fantastic!  I’ve also went back and finished the main story in Naruto: Rise of a Ninja, which is a good game… it just misses out 70% of the story.  I’m still at odds with Guitar Hero 3, as has been documented, I’ve given up on hard and I’m going through Easy mode purely for the achievements.

 …I’ve still to put Virtua Fighter 5 in my 360…

Hopefully that’ll change over the course of the coming week.



Bugs in the system

So here I am getting all my stuff together to head home on Friday & sit my driving test… or at least that was the plan.

The DSA & I don’t have a very good history; I hate them and they lothe me (But are quite happy in taking my money).  Having failed my practical driving test once already & been refused to sit it twice (Twice!!) I decided to check up on the date seeing as I’d just recently changed it for an earlier one.

Have a guess!  The date hasn’t changed.  I’m attributing it to bugs in the system hopefully than what I think the proper answer will be – that the entire working staff of the DSA are a bunch of brain dead morons who, considering they cant get a booking right, have no say in whether a person can or cannot drive.

So, tomorrow I’m going to have to spend a large quantity of time on the phone asking “where the fuck is my booking!?” but I’m guessing it’s not going to go anywhere.

 Thanks again DSA, you really are a bunch of fucking idiots.


[edit]  After speaking with someone on the phone it turns out that it didn’t go through.  Then after getting the matter sorted I’ve got an email through telling me the exact same thing.  Which annoys me even more.  ARGH!


Getting to know you…

Welcome to yet another of my blogs – including MySpace, bebo & my starting point of MSN Spaces this will be my 4th.

Most of the people who’ll find out about this will actually know me but for those who dont;

 Hello There!

 My name is Mark Gibson, currently studying for my Honours degree at Glasgow Caledonian University.  I have a passion for movies, anime & of course games – probably what the majority of the stuff posted on here will actually be about.  Hopefully what I write will interest alot of you and you might even want to post a comment which I urge you all to do.

 I know there’s not alot on here yet but I’m still getting to grips with this, wordpress is still pretty new to me but I’ll try my best to get this page to look interesting.  There’s also the chance that this might actually be linked with my own site in the future… I just need to increase my ‘internetz knowhow’ first.




I'm Mark Gibson & this is another one of my blogs where you're likely to find musings of daily life, gaming & just plain rambling.

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